They Are Billions; A Review in 2020

They Are Billions; A Review in 2020

They Are Billions


Replay Value


Graphics & Polish


Fun Factor


Community Health


Good things

  • Challenging
  • Exciting
  • Great META Gameplay
  • Interesting Steampunk Art Style


  • Campaign can be long and challenging
  • It can become repetitive once you master it

The Horde is here!

Defend your town from a horde of zombies? A steampunk vibe? Well thought out META gameplay?

Defending in They Are Billions, Day 93/100
Day 93, I am out of burritos and there are a lot of Zombies at my door.

I like this game.

Of course there are those other feels when one frigging zombie sneaks into your base and wrecks everything. The game is challenging, I like the fact I don’t always win and lose a fair amount.

My favorite settings for a survival game…

  • Mode: Survival 
  • Map: Peaceful lowlands
  • Population: High
  • Duration: 100 days

I generally play to relax, as strange as relaxing while zombies try to eat your face sounds.

3 Lucifers burning the dead in They are Billions
Burn them all.

Other maps can be way harder, but the bottleneck of food and micromanaging you have to do doesn’t mix with my low impact video game workout I am looking for in They are Billions.

If you can beat anything with a score factor high than 370%, I would consider you a top Chad. That is the highest I’ve been able to get using my favorite settings above, but 80 days instead of 100.

For an extra challenge, try playing a map without pausing the game.

Evil Bear

They are Billions also recently came out with campaign mode. The storyline is alright, the side quests made me trail off from playing it. 

Trying to find the last few things on those hero maps can be painful. I wouldn’t say I like looking around for stuff. I am just not that type of bear. However, a long and challenging storyline could be for you.

The game may be a little old, but if you are into real-time strategy games and zombies, I think you need to add this to your collection.

What do you think of They are Billions?
Let us know in the comments.

Stay Frosty.

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