Reviewing Rocket League in 2020

Reviewing Rocket League in 2020

Rocket League


Replay Value




Fun Factor


Competitive Community


Community Health


Good things

  • Fun & Challenging
  • Scales with your abilities
  • Great replay value
  • Challenging competitive play & large community


  • Solo play can be hard in competitive
  • Players can be toxic in competitive play
  • First 20 hours will be the hardest

If you haven’t heard of Rocket League yet you may have been living on an island without an internet connection, and for that, I envy you.

And before I go any further, full disclaimer, I think Rocket League is one of the best competitive games out there.

It has been through a surprisingly small amount of change during the years I have played it. I think that is a testament to how enjoyable it can be at it’s core level.

It also has a huge online community for competitive gaming (which is fun to follow).

So what can I say about a game that has been out for so long? Not much, other than, if you haven’t tried it and you think an arcade style, 360 degree, flying foose ball game (on steroids) may be fun, give it a shot.

My experience in Rocket League
I am addicted to competitive play and do at least 30 minutes a day 5 times a week. If it wasn’t for competitive play I probably wouldn’t play it nearly as much.

I play solo, which can be extremely painful sometimes, it is also a challenge to stay cool when you are having a bad game and your teammates think it is completely your fault for their demise.

I find it best played in small doses, trying to play while you are riding a losing steak can be means for breaking a screen (or two).

But, if you can look past the haters, enjoy competitive play, and this style of game interests you, I say try it for yourself.

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