New Game News: Last Oasis, survival MMO

New Game News: Last Oasis, survival MMO

Last Oasis is a survival MMO that features melee combat, giant walking ships, and packable housing in a hostile environment that is ever-moving. 

Last Oasis, a nomad survival mmo.

Another survival game, you say? Why would I care? The survival MMO market has felt saturated for a while with Rust, Ark & Conan Exiles, all providing unique experiences. 

Then I found out the creators of cRPG Mount & Blade: Warband mod (Donkey Crew) were making the game.

Full disclosure, Mount and Blade: cRPG is and will be, in my top 10 list of all-time favorite games forever. I don’t think I would have poured over 1700 hours into Mount and Blade without it. Automatically these guys get my respect there.

Their challenge is now living up to their reputation.

This game features the intricacies of Rust and Ark base building, but you get to pack your base, so no more offline raiding. That gets the hairs on the back of my neck tingling. Nothing worse logging in dead with everything gone after a 5am raid.

Not to mention, you can also build things on your walker, some of which are massive.

Oh, also, swinging around like World’s Adrift with your grappling hook.

Tell me more?

One of the worst things about playing Rust or games that are FPS gun-based is fights can be quick, and the element of surprise favors the attackers. In “Last Oasis”, the main form of combat is melee, which means the fights are much longer, drawn-out, and tactical. 

That being said, if a gang shows up with a couple big walkers with guns mounted on them, you are gonna have a bad day.

Will it be good?

Your guess is as good as mine, but looking at the game and who they are, they have a good chance of making something special that can stand the test of the time.

Good luck, guys.

Safe Travels. Stay hydrated.

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