is Live! Join us! is Live! Join us!

We are live!

Not at 100% yet but we will be expanding quickly.

This website is intended to help PC gamers kick ass and take names. That is why anything we can do to help improve your skills and keep you informed is considered a win for us.

So far we have a Rocket League Review and two fishing guides for Archeage: Unchained with a bunch of news announcements to come shortly.

I’ve spent a lot of time writing guides for various guilds and games, I figured why not make this information public on a website and encourage others to submit their works too!

Booms Sifu

Anyone who is interested in writing guides or tips, hit up us.

[email protected]

We are looking for informative tips on new and upcoming games as well and larger guides.

This is perfect for streamers or gamer personalities looking to build their SEO and customer base through guest posts from other websites.

We hope to see you back soon!

Safe Travels.

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