The Ultimate Fishing Guide for Archeage: Unchained

The Ultimate Fishing Guide for Archeage: Unchained

In this guide I try to offer the fastest way to get into fishing and how to get the coveted fishing boat. If you have any additional questions feel free to drop a comment below.

Short on time?
Check out the TL:DR version of this guide here.

Reasons to consider fishing

  • Good Labor vs time vs money return
  • Generate gold quickly from the start
  • Stable market, fish prices are fixed
  • No land required
  • Having land can help with cost of fishing consumables
  • Labor free gold (when you rent your boat)

Reasons to not consider fishing

  • People will take your fish (and kill you)
  • Time investment
A fishing boat driving by the fishing stand in Diamond Shores.
Fishing In Diamond Shores

A good initial course of action…

Find a guild or group of friends

Fighting Over Fish
If your server is busy your best bet is finding a guild that likes to fish, or better yet, a pvp guild that likes to fish. Killing pirates is by far the best solution to dealing with them.

If you are looking for a guild try the Archeage Discord Server.

There are rewards for grouping in the early stages of fishing, so even a pick up group will help.

As long as you are close enough to your group you will get credit for their fish in your achievements. Pick a boat with the most people on it, befriend the captain and cast away. Or just sit beside them and reap the rewards.

300 Ocean Fish Achievement: Fishfind Longliner Design

  • Normally 300 gilda
  • Essential part in making the fishing boat
  • 100 of every sized sea fish

300 Fresh water fish Achievement: Special Fishing Rod

  • 100 of every sized fresh water fish
A dwarf on a rowboat

Starting out

Get a Row Boat
There is a low level quest or you can buy it from a material vendor. Without the initial rowboat you cannot do any sports fishing.

Get a Fishing Rod
Get to know Santiago at the Cinderstone Wharf docks (Riko from the East faction). He gives you a lot of your fishing quest chains which include a starting quest, how to make a fishing rod.

The sturdy fishing rod is what you want to use as it does more damage and makes deep sea fishing much faster. Consider a faster rod if you only plan on doing freshwater sports fishing.

Santiago at the Cinderstone docks
Your boy Santiago on the docks of Cinderstone Moor.

Fishing solo is still doable but prepare for an uphill battle. Sometimes you may have to take extra steps to keep your profits going. More info below.

How to bait fish (Leveling 0-10,000)

Equip your rod and make sure you have worms. You can cast into almost any body of water. You get a certain type of fish depending on what type of water you are fishing in, so unless you are doing a quest I recommend picking a zone and fishing in either freshwater or salt water.

Refining bait fish gives dawn light essence, an important ingredient in the making of ship regrade scrolls, so you may want to hang onto some in preparation for upgrading your fishing boat components.

Pro tip:
Right click on the basic fishing icon then left-click cast on the water to auto-fish. Note: auto-fishing only applies to “bait fishing”.

How to Sports Fish

Sports fishing is fairly simple and is the same in both bodies of water.

Fishing Consumables
There are four things you need to sports fish.

  • Boat
  • Chum
    Freshwater: chum
    Ocean: chum bucket
  • Sports fishing lure (3 hour consumable)
  • Fishing Rod (sturdy hopefully)

When you get to the fishing hole

  • chum if needed
  • be close enough to the spawn to have the fishing buff
  • cast your rod
  • hit the highlighted ability when the fish “attacks”
  • stay within 40 metres
  • only one move does the main damage, the rest is a waiting game and matching the moves

For a list of fish sizes & trade-in costs check out

Freshwater fishing in Two Crowns
Fresh water sport fishing in Two Crowns.

Pro tip:
If it is a weekend or pirating is heavy and you have labor to burn inland freshwater sports fishing is a great way to level up and make a bit of money in the process.

Fresh water sport fishing

(Leveling 0-20,000)

I prefer fresh water sport fishing from 10,000 on but you can do it from the start, just be prepared to lose fish and have extended fights trying to catch them. I roughly lose 1 out of 15 before 10,000 proficiency. It is also a good way to practice. To find fresh water fishing holes look for inland bodies of water that have fish stands on the map and search for seagulls.

A fishing hole will have seagulls flying around it and has two different states, active (frenzy) and non-active (fish school). To activate a fresh water fishing hole you need to use chum which you buy from a general merchant or fishing boat for one gold.

Two crowns, Lilyut, Gweonid, Solzreed are common fishing areas in the West faction.

Ocean Sport Fishing

(Level 10,000-30,000)

Pro tip:
Wait at a fishing stand for a fishing boat and ask if you can join. Helping defend a fisherman and his boat will create life-long friendship.

Your options when starting out…

  • Find a friend with a fishing boat
  • Get your own clipper (searching for saltwater fishing holes is rough and can eat up a lot of time)
  • Find a fishing raid and join one of their boats

Pro tip:
If you have a clipper and find a fishing hole, make sure to take a screenshot of your location on the map so you can find it after turning in your fish.

A bunch of fishing boats.
Deep sea ocean fishing raid.

The Ocean Fishing Raid

The fastest way to get your saltwater fish achievement is to join a ocean fishing raid and make friends with some people who own fishing boats.

Once you establish a relationship you can sometimes use their boats for a split of the gold. Often fishermen are out of labor and are willing to trade fishing spots on their boat for money.

Building a fishing boat

If you are over 10k fishing you should start thinking about the mats needed for your fishing boat. Generally markets tend to go up on weekends so plan your ship resource and part buying around this, it can save you some money in the long run. I tend to buy on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Building a ship in Ezna
A dwarf and his donkey celebrating after placing their drydock.

Building the Drydock

To build the drydock you need
2x lumber Pack
2x Iron Pack
2x Fabric packs
45 Gold

The drydock costs were included in the calculation spoiler above (Total mats needed).

Fishing Ship Components

Once your ship is built your first task should be upgrading your propeller which is responsible for you ship speed.

There are two options.

Sirensong Fishing Boat Propellant
This is the propeller the boat comes with. This has the best overall top speed.

Andelph Fishing Boat Propellant
This ship propellant features a burst of speed that can break harpoons and get you out of trouble quickly. Great for escaping a fishing hole as pirates are bearing down on you.

Which propellant is best?

It depends where you like to fish. What is comes down to is what direction you are moving in and how often you are attacked. Fishing boats move much faster travelling north and south versus east and west. If you are traveling E/W more than N/S you may want to consider the Andelph option. It is overall speed versus a quick escape, and one could argue that the burst of speed (with a lower cooldown) vs the overall top speed of the Sirensong is a better overall option for travelling East and West.

Personally I like to use the Sirensong when I fish north of the mainland and south of Diamond shores and when I am fishing in the middle of the map around Castaway Straight I like to use the Andelph.


Other fishing ship components

You may want to consider crafting or buying a compass that detects ships if you are under attack a lot since it can be equipped on the fishing boat instead of the fish-finder. It is also a good way to find the chum spots that have boats and are already chummed. A great build when you are cheap and can’t chum or are being attacked often by pirates, used well when you have two fishing boats going out together. This is also a favorite build for pirates.

I haven’t tested it but apparently all rudders work on all boats. In theory the lightest one would be the best but I haven’t done any testing on rudders so far. If you have any info feel free to drop a comment and I’ll add the information.

A fishing boat finishing completion

As soon as your fishing boat is built…

  • Go to a Ezi’s Light to be able to un-equip ship parts
  • Remove the boxes
  • Remove harpoon
  • Remove lights

These are things that can get in the way when fishing. It also makes the boat lighter which makes it travel faster and allows more people aboard.

Since the launch of Archeage: Unchained there has been a steady increase in pirating and fish theft and I foresee it only getting worse. Below are some tips on how to minimize getting robbed and escaping people that want to take what you have worked so hard to get.

How to repair your boat

All general vendors have Shatigon’s sand. Cost of repair: 5 Gold (x5 sand)

Pirates attacking a fishing boat in North Solzreed
Pesky pirates trying to take my ends in North Solzreed. They spent an hour trying to push me out to sea, then failed at trying to push me onto land. Then my friend came and killed them.

Defensive Fishing

I generally fish right beside my steering wheel . This allows you to escape as soon as possible.

A fishermen in Archeage: Unchained in a defensive position on his fishing boat.,
Fishing close to the steering wheel ready to flee at a moment’s notice.

Point your ship towards safety
Unless you are in a big raid and don’t have to worry about being attacked it is usually a good idea to point towards home. Used along with fishing near the wheel is best practice. It allows you to take off at the first sign of danger.

Don’t fish in dangerous areas, Travel North & South mainly
The farther you travel towards enemy lands, the more dangerous. Avoid travelling east or west and rather head north or south, you travel much faster. When I am solo and searching for fishing holes I travel in long North and South zig-zags.

A Tidal bungalow in Archeage: Unchained
Driving by a Tidal Bungalow fish drop off.

Public Tidal Bungalows are your best friend
The largest water house that exists comes with its own fishing stand, if you know someone with one or a public one on your server it allows you to minimize enemy contact.

Don’t fill your boat unless you know it is safe
One of your first urges will be to fill your boat to see how much money you can make. This is a recipe for disaster if you are alone, especially during prime time. I generally only catch two or three fish, per round depending on quality, until I know the area is quiet.

Use peace periods to your advantage
While Diamond shores is usually a horrible place to try and turn in fish, peace makes it a viable option. I tend to get in the best fishing raids during Diamond Shores peace time. Be aware the icebergs south of the fish stands funnel ships to easy cut off points before crossing into the peace zone, try to take a wide turn around them to avoid pirates.

Avoid smart pirates
Smart pirates wait for you to fill your holds and attack from the direction you would flee towards. If I am attacked from a “cutoff” direction I’ll change fishing locations usually.

Fish at off times
I generally avoid fishing Thursday night until Sunday night as the seas on my server are too crazy to go out. I am able to fish very early in the morning and late at night and I generally stick to those hours to net as much fish as quickly as possible. No one around equals maximum profit.

How to fish like a ninja

fishing under the water to avoid pirates
Fishing under the water to avoid pirates.

Sometimes you need a way to fish under some noses. I’ve found this method can make more money than fresh water sports fishing if you can avoid being caught. Also a little cheaper on labor.

Once you cast your rod you can actually despawn you boat and sit in the water waiting for a fish as long as you don’t move. This avoids being seen on the radar while waiting for a fish.

Once you hook a fish, you are allowed to move (be careful to stay within range of the fish, I tend to always be 40m from the fish if possible.

Normally these are the steps I use to fish if the waters are pirate infested.

  • Find a fishing hole on your fishing boat
  • Chum fishing hole & cast
  • Despawn fishing boat
  • Wait in water to hook fish
  • Once fish is hooked, swim under water a bit to hide my head (optional)
  • Using a Dahuta’s breath potion you can stay under water 30m (optional)
  • Catch fish, throw it on my back
  • Spawn Rowboat & Cast again
  • Despawn Rowboat
  • Once I catch the second fish I spawn my fishing boat, drop the fish on my back in the hold, pick up the last caught fish, get to my boat, and race back to the fishing stand
  • My Sirensong is 145% and I can go up to 22 heading directly north or south so I can get back fairly quickly
  • If porting to a spot to get back to the fishing hole after drop-off is faster, do it, time is worth money, especially when things are quiet

By repeating that sequence the you minimize the time your boat shows on the map and unless a pirate decides to do a drive by of the fishing hole you are generally safer.

That’s it for now…

I hope this guide aids you in your quest to being a successful fisherman and helps you improve profits in Archeage: Unchained. Fishing can be a challenge but can also be hugely rewarding when you get a few big hauls. If it weren’t for those damn pirates…

Notice something incorrect or think something should be added? Feel free to leave a comment and I will try to update the section.

Safe Travels.

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