Quick Tips on fishing in Archeage: Unchained

Quick Tips on fishing in Archeage: Unchained

Quick Tips on fishing in Archeage: Unchained

I took our Ultimate Fishing Guide for Archeage: Unchained and did a little TL:DR here for those short on time.

Find a guild
Fishing is much easier with friends. Check the Archeage Discord to aid in your search.

Get a Row Boat
There is a low level quest or you can buy it from a material vendor. Without the initial rowboat you cannot do any sports fishing.

Get a Fishing Rod
Get to know Santiago at the Cinderstone Wharf docks (Riko from the East faction). He gives you a lot of your fishing quest chains which include a starting quest, how to make a fishing rod.

How to bait fish (Leveling 0-10,000)
Equip your rod and make sure you have worms. You can cast into almost any body of water.

How to sports fish

  • chum (if needed)
  • be close enough to the spawn to have the fishing buff
  • cast your rod
  • hit the highlighted ability when the fish “attacks”
  • only one move does the main damage (reel in), the rest is a waiting game

How to build a fishing boat
See my ultimate fishing guide for details on how to build a boat, what mats you need, and what fishing components to use.

Defensive Fishing
Stay close to the steering wheel and position your boat in the direction you want to escape. Use the image below for reference.

A fishermen in Archeage: Unchained in a defensive position on his fishing boat.,

Don’t fish in dangerous areas, Travel North & South mainly
The farther you travel towards enemy lands, the more dangerous. You move faster traveling North and South. When I am solo and looking for fishing holes I usually travel in long N/S loops to minimize the time spent traveling east and west.

Public Tidal Bungalows are your best friend
The largest water house that exists comes with its own fishing stand. If you know someone with one or there is a public one on your server it allows you to fish at off-times while minimizing enemy contact.

Don’t fill your boat unless you know it is safe
Do a round with a couple of fish to test the waters before risking the loss of a full hold.

Use peace periods to your advantage
While Diamond shores is usually a horrible place to try and turn in fish peace makes it a viable option. I tend to get in the best fishing raids during Diamond Shores peacetime.

Avoid smart pirates
Smart pirates are ones that wait for you to fill your holds and attack you from the direction you would flee towards. If I am attacked from a “cutoff” direction I’ll change fishing locations

Fish at off times
I generally avoid fishing Thursday night until Sunday night as the sea on my server gets very busy.

How to fish like a ninja
When things are crazy and you still need that loot… Minimizing the time your boat is seen on the map is one way to avoid pirates.

  • Chum fishing hole & cast
  • Despawn fishing boat
  • Wait in water to hook fish
  • Catch / pickup fish
  • Spawn Rowboat & Cast
  • Despawn Rowboat (to take you off of radar)
  • Once I catch the second fish I spawn my fishing boat, drop the first fish on my back in the hold, pick up the last caught fish, and race back to the fishing stand, rinse and repeat

I hope these tips help you out. Feel free to add a comment if you think something should be changed or added.

Safe Travels.

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